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Based in the

North-Western part of Europe

where the oceanic climate is perfect for seed potatoes, Myco Seed selects, produces and distributes seed potatoes. Our business model is based on the idea of the shortest possible way between the seed potato producer and the seed potato buyer securing the most competitive prices to our business partners.

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Our seed potatoes undergo a tight control and inspection system. Seed potatoes produced in the European Union must adhere to the highest standards and regulations.

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Professional growth

We provides seed potatoes of European origin – Dutch, Danish, French and Spanish origin.

95% of Myco Seed’s production goes to the export markets such as Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Back to the roots
of the old potato history

The potato history is several thousand years old. To many people the potato is synonymous with the Irish, but the potato can in fact be traced back to Latin America were it was first domesticated by the Indigenous Inca people in Peru between 8000 BC and 5000 BC. Here it was worshiped because of its high nutritional value and storage quality.

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“The history of the potato” to learn more.

How and why we use potatos before and today

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